Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Big 66

(July 2013)

66 pounds, the amount I have increased by since 2007.
As I am now somewhat well into middle age, I have finally elected to do something about this dreadful state of affairs.

It's not really a vanity issue for me, but a health one. I can be on my feet for 12 hours a day
and end up coming home - consuming junk, you know, chocolate, wine and all those sinful unnatural
chemicals that invade the modern lifestyle. This in turn presents problems, knees hurting by supporting this vast increase in weight. My varicose vein goes nuts, so much so that I have to wear granny stockings to shut it up!

My knickers are bigger than Queen Victoria's bloomers.....

My double chin is giving this gal a run for her money...

So much so, that a very "good friend" keeps advising me to have liposuction on it.

Now I am not against making the best of what you have quickly, but this is not a quick fix situation.
I am giving myself 10 months to get rid of the 66 pounds -chin and all.
6.6 pounds a month is 1.65 pounds a week or there abouts. Easy and healthy!

In future posts I will talk about healthy eating - post updates of my current look and
see how we go from there!   
This is not a flattering picture at all and that is the intention - it's me after a 12 hour shift -post shower in my new XL nightie that doesn't fit because I am so fat. (5th Sept 2013)

This is me 66 pounds lighter before leaving for Guernsey 5 years ago....

So not so much off with her head, but off with her chins!


  1. Having a mother who has yoyo-dieted and been in denial for most of her life about her weight/health, I am 100% proud of you for taking the plunge and being so open about it! Good luck xxx

  2. Good luck with the weight loss! You'll find even a little bit will make you feel so much better.


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