Saturday, 5 October 2013


This is my absolute fave wedding piccy from 5th October 2012.

The Wedding Photographer can make or break your big day. Nicholas Gray certainly made ours!

Nick was really wonderful, he has a smashing personality and I hardly knew he was there taking smashing shots of the wedding party.

I suppose it depends what you want for your day, I really wanted everyone who attended the ceremony to have a piccy with both of us, if they wished to, so I was the bossy one....everyone lined up in the gardens of the York Register office ready to pose!!

Also, quite selfishly I wanted a couple of decent pictures of the Groom & I.
Nick certainly did all this and more!

Highly recommended and a true gem for our big day. He sent the finished pictures back SO quickly, amazing, they were coming through the next day!!

The thing to remember is this, if you cut corners with your choices and try to save cash, you WILL get what you pay for, a friend with a posh camera is not a photographer.

XX Annie

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