Monday, 7 October 2013

The shrinking 52! Celebrating with Kale chips!!

 The results are in - it's a 14 pound loss in 1 month, am no longer the big 66, but the shrinking 52!
I can now fasten the buttons on the nightie in my first picture!

We both had a bit of a let down first Wedding Anniversary as we were and are, full of cold!
So I really had to go out today to the pet store and to the human food store shopping, as all our stocks were getting lower!

I spied a bag of Kale from Jersey for £1, haven't enjoyed Kale since I was a child, so thought I'd give it a go!

 I followed this great recipe:

I made a few changes:

I dried my Kale by hand, lovingly with a clean tea towel.

I salted beforehand.

I used the excess Avocado oil on my hands as a beauty product after massaging into the Kale leaves. I just took off the excess only from my hands with a damp cloth! Lovely!

Didn't use parchment paper, just my trusty old tins!

When it was ready it came out like this!

Crispy, delish a real winner, but sadly I over salted, we haven't been using salt for a month and I ruined the taste.
Lesson learned.

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