Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Paleo, Caveman, Eating Clean, Primitive diet, call it what you will!

For the last month I have cut out processed food and followed a healthy natural eating
method which was recommended by Stars Dell, my Facebook friend! 

I eat fresh veg, fresh fruit, fish, very little meat, because if I am really honest I don't really like meat that much.

I enjoy nuts, rich oils and the occasional flirt with posh butter from Sark, the like of which I have never tasted before, nor ever seen anything so yellow!

Photo by Danielle Jenson Can't show you mine because it is chopped into individual pieces in an ice cube tray so that I can use it for cooking my veggies!
Guernsey butter is also as pure and contains no additives, so I eat that too!
The only thing I haven't given up is a cup of decent tea with decent milk.
The Guernsey herd is grass fed in the Summer!

It is a really lovely way of eating, I have had the odd sneaky drink of champers, but to be honest it made me feel like merde, my other cheats were a cheese butty with tomato, just because it was my wedding anniversary. But again, I can live without this stuff.

I do feel healthier and as much as I thought I didn't eat much pre-prepared food I obviously did, chocolate, crisps, the odd pizza. BREAD.... so now at my age, I want to know what goes into my food, to the best of my ability.

We are lucky in the Channel Islands as we have Hedge Veg stalls.

The supermarkets also stock locally produced veggies, so if my veg doesn't come from Guernsey
it comes from Jersey. Again I have to be realistic, certain veg will come from further afield, but I try not to cross continents for things.

Fruits are somewhat different as I have yet to find a locally produced banana! 

This is a lovely little video!

You can read more here at Visit Guernsey.com

Oh! and one thing I have noticed over here, some of the Elders of the population eat tomato everyday as a fruit snack and they are healthy and wise.......

Food for thought!


  1. That is the yellowest butter I have ever seen!

  2. Patrick has made butter before, it's surprisingly easy and fun! x


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